The Department of Anaesthesia has a long history of anaesthesia research and is currently involved in a broad range of research and audit projects.
In addition to supporting the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network, current research focuses include anaesthetic allergy, regional anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, postoperative cognitive dysfunction & delirium, frailty, and pain medicine.
For enquires regarding anaesthesia research contact the department research coordinator – Dr Dale Currigan (

      Post-Operative Delirium Action Group (PODA)

Post-operative cognitive function is an essential component of peri-operative care and ensures patients return to their baseline functional status after surgery. Post-operative delirium (POD) is recognised globally as contributing to increased mortality, morbidity, long-term cognitive dysfunction, discharge to higher-level care, readmission and cost to society2. The greatest risk factors for POD are advanced age and pre-operative cognitive dysfunction. The ‘STAR POD’ audit in 2017 at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital confirmed that post-operative delirium rates are an issue locally as they were similar to that in the literature (ranging from 13.2- 40%) 1.

The Post-Operative Delirium Action Group (PODA) is a multi-disciplinary group targeting minimisation and management of post-operative delirium. Founded by Dr Silke Brinkmann (Consultant Anaesthetist) and Elissa Campbell (Consultant Geriatrician) in 2016, the group consists of anaesthetists, geriatricians, specialist nurses, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and pharmacy. The group focuses on undertaking quality improvement projects to better identify individuals at risk of POD, and prevent/mitigate its occurrence. This has resulted in the development of more robust screening programs for pre-operative cognitive dysfunction for patients aged greater than 65; as well as development and implementation of a pathway for optimised care, for patients at risk1.

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